Stonehenge 3d Virtual REality
Ancient Britain. 3D Ancient wonder of Stonehenge. Walk through an archelogical reconstruction Stonehenge. This historical British real time virtual tour allows you to explore Stonehenge in the 3D Ancient Wonders interactive museum.



Very little is known about the original builders of Stonehenge in England, although Stonehenge was added to by many of the peoples who inhabited the locality at a later date, including the Celts, who added extra rings, and the Vikings who graffitoed the stones with runes.

There are many theories as to the intention of it's original builders, including it's placing a the centre of a Network of apparent lines called ley lines, as some sort of centre for invisible energies, but most believe that it was a place of worship.

This 3D world shows stonehenge as many believe it may have looked in early Celitic times.

Extra Features:

Stonehenge& Ancient Britain Crossword

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