Parthenon 3d Virtual REality
Ancient Greece. 3D Ancient wonder of the Parthenon. Walk through an archelogical reconstruction of the Parthenon as it once was. This historical Greek real time virtual reality tour allows you to explore The Parthenon at Athens,Greece, in the 3D Ancient Wonders interactive museum.



The Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens is a temple, originally dedicated to Athene, the Ancient greek godess of war and Wisdom.

Built betwwen 447 and 432 B.C, it is seen as a pinnacle of Ancient Helenic archetecture, being a classic example, on a grand scale of the standard "Doric" Temple design prevalent in ancient Greece.

The site of the Acropolis itself shows signs of inhabitation stretching back in to the stone age, this probably owing to the fact that it has a good viewpoint, and unusually for plateaus like this, it has an ample supply of water from fresh springs.

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