Viking Longboat 3d Virtual REality
Ancient Denmark. 3D Ancient wonder of a Viking Longboat. Walk through an archelogical reconstruction a viking longboat and home. This historical Danish real time virtual tour allows you to explore a Viking Long boat in the 3D Ancient Wonders interactive museum.

Viking Longboat


Longboats were the main form of transport for the vikings, who managed to sail from Denmark to the far reaches of Africa, Persia, and even America, or "Vinland" as they called it (Via Greenland).

Descendants of these boats were also used in Scotland up until the late 19 Century, as with the Long Houses (Also featured in this 3D worldl), which in Scotland became "Black Houses".

Extra Features:

Viking Longboat Crossword
Viking Longboat 3D Video Flythrough (Format: Flash, Size: 600Kb)

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