3D Ancient Wonders
The 3D Ancient Wonders virtual museum allows you to explore ancient wonders by walking through them or exploring them in real time online 3D. To view you will require the free & popular educational online 3D Shockwave Player. Fun online learning experience. 3D Ancient wonders is a collection of 3D interactive archeological reconstructions of ancient architecture, buildings, artefacts and relics.

A next gen browser remake of our 3D Parthenon and Acropolis. More information, new controls & more historic detail.
Ancient Greek Parthenon
An ancient roman temple situated in the town of Nimes, in France.
Built in the time of Ceaser Augustus and still with us today.
Ancient Roman temple
The Aztec ceremonial center of Tenochtitlan, featuring the Greater Aztec Temple. Presently under Mexico City, discover the Aztecs and their Gods as they were in 1521 AD.
Ancient Aztec civilization
The world-famous Stonehenge is located near Amesbury in Wiltshire, England, and is considered by many as the finest surviving stone circle. Ancient architecture.
Ancient Stonehenge site
The only surviving building from the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World", the great pyramid of Khufu (or "Cheops") was built over 4000 years ago. Ancient Egypt's biggest mystery, literally!
Ancient Great Pyramid
The Parthenon building of ancient Greece as a temple dedicated to the Classical greek godess Athene, or Athena, from whose name the City of "Athens" was named.
Parthenon ancient building
The Temple of Khons is situated in Karnak, Egypt, and was built initially by Ramses the third, although Ramses IIII, and Ramses XII also worked on it.
Khons was god of the moon.
Explore the Ancient Egyptian temple of khons online in web 3D
This viking longboat is based on a boat found in the burial of a Viking queen in Osberg, Denmark.
Longboat ancient artefact
3D Ancient Artefacts and Relics
This gold plated artefact found in Denmark depits a horse, presumably dragging the sun across the sky in a chariot.
Ancient artefact

3D Ancient Wonders is dedicated to recreating ancient relics and buildings in 3D virtual realtiy, allowing you to explore, examine, and learn about them in a fun and involving virtual museum experience.
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